Tweets Of Mass Destruction


This is trump imagemy game that I made for my final project using Unity 3D. It is a commentary on how I feel that Trump could potentially cause a real world conflict with a tweet. I thought the idea for this game fit perfectly with the procedural rhetoric week we had. I used the games from that week as inspiration for designing this one. Here is the intro text to the game and a link to the game from my google drive if anyone is interested in playing it. You need a PC and it plays best on 1920 x 1080 res, but it not graphically intensive at all. I can post a mac version if the interest is there.

Intro Text:

President Trump, tensions have been rising between the United States and other countries in the last few weeks. Our best diplomats are currently working hard with these countries to come to agreements on many political topics that you needn’t be troubled with. We believe that the terms will be settled in three days, but between now and then we need to tread carefully or risk pushing these countries to extreme measures. It is no secret that you have a limited capacity of intellect and a love for tweeting. This is a dangerous combination when you possess the amount of power that you do. We know we cannot stop you from tweeting, so all we ask of you is this: for the next three days only send out the most terrific and least antagonizing 140 characters possible. Do not go big league. If you can do this we should be able to avoid nuclear war.
God help us all.



Tweets Of Mass Destruction

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