Technology? That’s Wack! A Flashback to a Bygone Era

Adam Honigman

Instructor: Carolyn Jong

English 255B – Video Games and/as Literature

18 April 2017

Video Project:

When told that the final assignment for this class was essentially “Either an essay or literally anything else that’s not an essay” my brain went spiraling in anticipation considering the different ideas I could convey. As a (technically) film student, I really enjoy creating projects that utilize fun and video in any capacity. My eyes drifted over to a 1994 Donkey Kong Country Nintendo Power cassette I acquired at at used book sale for a quarter some odd years ago, and I knew what it was I wanted to create (here’s a link, highly worth your time:

My goal for this project was to recreate an over-the-type, radically tubular informational video from the 80’s-90’s. I am hoping to identify if it is possible to re-purpose certain aesthetics from the past in the modern age, or if they are such a snapshot of their time that anything created now would simply be a cheap imitation. I chose to focus on the shift from analogue cassette tapes to optical CD’s, as it is an incredibly drastic turning point that seems commonplace nowadays – in fact, we’re on the verge of moving on from CD’s entirely, in favour of blu-ray and entirely digital libraries. Analogue media is so beloved because it is so real; you can hold it in your hands and see the different components moving as they play. There is no question about how it works and your ownership over it, whereas nowadays  the line has blurred drastically with content libraries existing solely in streaming or in the cloud. Ownership is glorified borrowing.

Technology? That’s Wack! A Flashback to a Bygone Era

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