Overwatch Character Diversity

Frédéric Adam

Instructor: Carolyn Jong

English 255B – Video Games and/as Literature

18 April 2017


For my final project I decided to do a video analysis of character diversity in the video game Overwatch. I touch on gender, origin and age in the video, but there is one thing I forgot to mention. The game has 24 characters, but one can be considered their “spokesperson”, or front figure for advertisement, and that is Tracer, a female character. Not only is she female, but she also has a female lover, which is something very rarely portrayed in video games. Overwatch really sets new standards for character diversity to which all future video games can be compared. Blunders like Ubisoft’s comments about female characters being too time-consuming to create are particularly ridiculous when you consider Overwatch’s 11 distinct female characters.

YouTube link to my video: https://youtu.be/Vqs-akut7lE

Overwatch Character Diversity

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