GSD Team Project : Gone Home Spatial Storytelling and Virtual Worlds

Alysa Saliba
Aurora Torok
Julie Babineau
Katrina Gattuso
Leeza Girolami

Questions to Consider:

  • What other games have you played in where the story was affected or not fully delivered based on your style of playing?
  • Jenkins states in his essay Game Design as Narrative Architecture that “part of game design is finding artful ways of embedding narrative information into the environment without destroying it’s immersiveness and without giving the player the sensation that they’re being led around by the neck” (Jenkins p10). Do you feel that gone home was effectively immersive? When, if ever, did you feel you were being led?
  • Is Speedrunning Cheating?
  • Based on Jenkins definitions what type of Narrative is Gone Home? Why?


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GSD Team Project : Gone Home Spatial Storytelling and Virtual Worlds

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